Sunday ….. snow

It was our intention to go to the Leek foodmarket this weekend, Saturday but it was snowing and after my husband went to find some anti-allergy homeopathic medicine, it was really snowing…. and the wind was gusting.  So, we stayed in…. and this morning we tried again but the small winding lanes did not promise safe driving so we eventually turned around and went to Bollington, as well as drove through a few smaller places along the way….

Bolling town seems old, but in the snow it was just beautiful and we enjoyed the drive.  The English landscape which looks like it has been sifted with icing sugar was beautiful but make no mistake it was really very very cold.

-1 at least at times, but felt colder…. also where the snow melts it can be icy and there it is super slippery and I am always a bit cautious…. if I fall and hurt myself, it will really complicate things having two flights of stairs in the house…..well, always something to consider isn’t it?



Where to start….. just do it!

Got most of my material to start working…. only waiting on the canvasses….. Main item yes, but have to make up my mind what to do first….. I love the challenge….. so many ideas so many things would love to show to share….

making some small sketches to feel out my reference material today…. making up my mind…. apparently the canvas will arrive on Monday well, that’s what they said…..

Knock on the door… canvasses arrived…. sorry have to go!

Three beauties….. 80×100 cm I will have to work hard to finish for a deadline….. very excited!


I am a bit behind with my notes

Sometimes I just don’t get to the computer to write and when I do I have too much to say…..

The last week I spent organizing the house and ordering paint and products online to get started with my painting….. it is not as easy as it seems… to decide which internet site to use, to see which is cheaper, to see who asks delivery costs, to weigh up against each other…. phew, it seemed like a huge task… but at last the delivery will be made here at home…. I have ordered more or less what I need… but I do think I will be needing some more brushes, which I think I will order from another company which specialize in brushes….. Rosemary…. they are handmade and amazing.

We also bought (and went to fetch it with our small little car ) – yes the car with the big heart… the Jazz astounded again…. we fetched 2 x tall cd cases….. one for general use and one to be used by me for my brushes and oil paint stuff so that I don’t make a mess on the landlord’s furniture…. everything I do must comply with the rules we have to stay here…. eventually we must get back our deposit….wait for it…. 1100 pounds.  Yes, it is astronomical… so I am stepping lightly… in summer I will open the door at the back and just WORK…. but when I cannot I will work on the kitchen floor…. it is vinyl and I can wipe any paint marks, and I also have a floor covering resembling a PEP stores blanket (much thinner) the painters here use.

AND low and behold they let us know that we will soon know when our things will be delivered – it was cleared by customs today…. YEAH.  There are many things I know I will take to the YMCA or give away, but, I will also be glad to see the many tablecloths I put into the container – (continuing on Thursday)

We had supper last night with a few South African SKA colleagues and there other (better) halves and it was so nice to see and hear our own people…. but that said, I have a lot more to do with the Cheshire English, and other people from various other countries and somehow we share common interests, and it is as if people here are more willing to assist, and support.  It is only the Art shops I find well, let’s say lacking ….. but, that is what it is….and then I just order online and they loose me as a client.

Went to a lovely plant park with other South African ladies on Saturday and on Friday visited a new friend from Oregon a musician and had a cup of coffee there…. was a bit homesick afterwards…. she has a cat and my cats at home felt very very far away….. but they are happy with my daughter…. I just miss them.

Tuesday had my hair cut and coloured and sat on edge for about 2.5 hours but at the end I was satisfied although I thought the girl could have cut a little more but in future I think we will communicate better….here it works out less expensive if you use a hairdresser which is not so far qualified/ younger and if you use somebody more experienced it can cost you around 20 pounds more. (I tried the younger girl and am happy to say it ended well for my purse as well for my hair).

Yesterday had to go to the Asthma sister at the doctor’s office…. that is how it works here….she spent half an hour to explain which medication works how, and then did some tests and unfortunately I do need the medication….. hopefully in time it might become unneccasary?  I hope.

I am planning 3 paintings…. so my ideas are jumping here and there and everywhere….please excuse the random thoughts…. Have to do some ironing today, clean up a bit, and just be kind to myself….. so that ideas can flow and I can believe in myself to do what I have and want to.

Included find a few images of my life here…..

A wonderful day out…… to Wedgewood

After putting the visit to Wedgewood off for a week it was really a lovely experience – I drove on the M60 motorway for the very first time and google maps took me on the highways and the byways but survived it and am really very gratefull to have seen the wonderful work and art of making porcelain….. Wedgewood is very well known…. they also do the Royal Doulton porcelain which is better known in South Africa.

We were 4 grown ups all from different places on the globe…. South Africa, Italy, Germany and Argentinia…. and a little girl who delighted us with her antics and joyfull attitude during the day….

I think the Jasperware is something most people would recognize…. I put up a few images…. appreciate that for example one of the plates which has a few gold detail on takes 5 firings and a week to complete…. and cost around 1000 pound.  It is for the very privileged was my thoughts but I could look and appreciate the amazing craftmanship and pride of product which goes with it….

I was dead tired after the driving, but felt fortunate for having experienced it with new “cosmopolitan” friendships made.

Enjoy the images…. I sure did taking them.


After silence…. comes chatter

I hope I don’t sound like a chatterbox…. perhaps I do…. last week I had no contact with people other than my husband and this weekend we went to a small pub nearby where we had Sunday lunch…. not something one does every day, but very social and we felt almost part of the community around us.

Visiting the doctor to take doctors’ letters etc from South Africa and to meet the doctor was an anxious affair… (I was anxious) but very unneccasarily so…. The female doctor was very kind listened to me and very sympathetic and helpful.  I am very surprised…. and thankful to my own GP in South Africa for the assistance with a referral letter, with all the terms I needed for the new doctor, etc.

I stopped on my way to take some photo’s of the countryside… do not be mistaken it is sincerely beautiful her…. I love the green rolling fields with the huge huge trees…. I love the fact that if I drive a mile or two I am in the countryside and can walk as far as my eyes can see…. I will find the best spots still.

I have added a few images of snow and the Sunday Pub place, but the fields and sheep and countryside I took this morning just love the GREEN…..

Very very excited as the group could not go to the Porcelain factory last week, and I will be going with them tomorrow….. its some drive, but Wedgewood promise to be a very nice outing.  I will obviously take photo’s and share with you all……

Hope you like the ones I got today….


Friday 2 March

Looking back at the past week I know why I have this cabinfeverish feeling…. didn’t take the car didn’t go further than the nearest TESCO EXPRESS, walked on Monday and then I were confined to home since then…. aaaaaah not nice, not good for me.  Have to get out.

Put out the rubbish and then quickly (blame it on cabinfever) I built a faintly resemblance to a snowman… or snowthing…. hahaha – enjoy – it is weekend and I will make sure I go somewhere to share a few ideas and photo’s with you and to cure this fever….


OK, not much happening this week.  I have been indoors for most of the week with a bad earache and as you don’t get antibiotics here I just have to get it better before it reaches the stage of no return….. so, indoors it is.  Outdoors the temperature is -1 at the moment yesterday afternoon at five it was -5 and last night -7.  Not good temperature for a sore ear.

I have started some drawings – it’s not going well yet, but only to get into it…. and unpacked the bit of watercolour stuff I had in my suitcase still.

I am longing for my art goodies in the container, but the ship has been delayed and our things will not be here much before end of March….. I have to get going though, so I am making lists of online prices and will order oilpaint online and perhaps a brush or two and then it is the problem of getting good quality stretched canvas to work on….but I will prevail.

Thinking of my art friends and the Jaguar exhibition which is opening tonight… a bit sad that I am not there….but not miserable…. I chose to do this and I am glad I did… perhaps only human to feel a little bit sad.

But tomorrow is another day and it will bring other challenges and adventures!

It’s a new day ….

Today I would have gone to Wedgewood, a porcelain factory about an hour’s drive away….however I am a little weary of driving in the snow so far, and also, I am not feeling so great with an earache and flu-ish sore body I thought it better to stay….

Hopefully soon I will be able to go – perhaps in summer….there also is a walk near there and apparently one can park in their parking and go see the woods surrounding…. Perhaps this is what I will do in forseeable future.

The washing did itself via machine and everything is on the dry rack at the moment waiting for the radiators to do its thing…. it’s about 20 degrees celcius inside but at around 1/2 degrees outside and it usually feel about 2/3 degrees colder.

I tried to make a short video for all about the snow falling steadily around me yesterday when I went for a 2km walk and bought some groceries…. but not successful in downloading it onto the computer yet…. perhaps soon.

I am slowly but surely settling in… well after about a month living in this house I should, but another light on the horizon is the ship with our container should have arrived yesterday OR the day before in the harbour – and I sent a note to them asking when they would think it might be delivered….exciting times.  Glad to get my stuff from home… I think some of it will be taken to YMCA etc after unpacking.  (Ship was delayed by a week and then another 3 weeks… hopefully)…. so I think I will be ordering some art supplies to start my creative process…. some days I feel I can’t do anything anymore…. a dangerous trail of thought…. must start soon…..





Friday – 3rd one in Macclesfield

I love this town…. I am beginning to find my way, ok, yes, with the gps and google at the moment, but I am finding it…. and so fortunate that I can have the car and do things I have to…..

Also organized milk delivery 3x week for us, – this truly feel like childhood memories dejavu!

Will take some photos soon…. if my friends reading this am like I am, they won’t believe that something like this can happen…. without paying – paying end of month…. yes well….